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The main provision that the standard writes
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The standard is the technical file of a kind of specific form, write to facilitate, examine and use, ISO/IEC and each international standard body, set basically with to writing a standard with each international standard body, that is to say, have write a method unifiedly.

Be like guideline of ISO/IEC technology work, BS 0.3 " standard of formulate of British standard guideline uses a standard to mark of England of the 3rd part is drafted definitely and weave " GB/T 1.1 " standardization job guideline of the first unit standard draft with state regulation level of the first share writes.

Of the standard write the method is standard content to narrate a method, weave means and the expressive means of all sorts of chart, annotate.

The standard is written whether correctly, matter to a standard directly carry out, also affect the communication between the standard, it is the explicit expression form of standard quality, accordingly, we should value a level very write kind.

One, the main demand that writes a standard

Of of all kinds standard writing a method is not identical, but a few more following ask basically to must be abided by, otherwise of unwarrantable standard write quality.

1 , correct

The technical target that sets in the standard, parameter, formula and other content want correct and reliable.

Formulary index must be the integrated achievement with modern science and technology and advanced experience are a foundation, pass strict scientific test and verify, when the data that accurate maths is calculated and reachs is written, must check again, medium design, form, numeric to the standard, formulary, chemical structural formula, unit of measurement, symbol, code name all should have careful review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, eliminate all technical errors, make sure its are not had correctly by accident.

2, accurate

Content expression of the standard wants the accurate, clear, understanding that differs in order to arrest different person from generation of different point of view.

The standard is the basis of economy and technical activity, it is administrative laws and regulations and technical code, often be cited by law, code and economic contract place. Accordingly, must have law and code article the special style of writing with in that way logistic and accurate, precise wording, the contraindication that use a word is amphibolous, statement structure is compact and exact. Express precise intent to achieve, the commonly used typical expressions in the standard, can separately formulate is united into the standard carry out, OK also formulate directiveness file is recommended use.

3, compendious

Standard content understands compactly, legibly, popularly, easily. Do not use rare expressions or local folk adage, in the language that assures to in a popular style is used as far as possible below accurate premise, make everybody can understand correctly and carry out, avoid to produce the possibility of not easy understanding or different understanding.
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