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The plan of enterprise standardization system and build
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The content of enterprise standardization system produces scope of operations and job according to its by the enterprise and decide. Of all kinds enterprise is mixed as a result of pattern of origanization construction, management in congener even enterprise dimensions is different, the standardization job content of the enterprise is not just the same, any enterprise. Answer to standardize a system according to what actually time situation is engineered and build a business.

Domestic and international enterprise standardizes practice experience of the job to tell us, build and perfect enterprise standardizes a system to answer commonly abide by is following measure:

One, undertake a standard legal system is taught and work with post seriously (exercise) the standard is taught for core content continuity, only then at education, teach eventually

Only then at education, want to regard the important teaching material that industry standard legal system teachs as standardization law namely, raise the consciousness of standard legal system of enterprise cadre, worker thereby, realise deeply, mark nots comply or be being produced without mark all is illegal behavior.

Teach eventually, make namely (long) after deciding a level, should the station that seasonable announce be linked together has is core content with the standard continues to teach, raise business technology level of the worker, also raised a worker to carry out standard understanding and ability. Day establishs a company to have 67 500 person, 12 when have all sorts of arrangement however groom the school, groom every year the employee should occupy 20 % , thereby land of go round and round raises level of technology of employee professional work, assure the flourishing development of the company.

0 what steel of our country treasure presses year of sale. 5 % teach funds as the worker, installed cover an area of many mus 230, integrated model, muti_function, modern religion earth up a center. Began project of 10 many professional continuity to teach (share 342 course) . Established 3 500 10 thousand yuan " Bao Gang teachs fund " with 5 million yuan " education of Bao Gang business rewards fund " in order to reward outstanding teacher. Teaching staff, student (member) , outstanding science and technology and achievement of education scientific research. Drive and advance treasure steel worker to learn science hard, culture, technology, enhance thought culture and technical ability ceaselessly. In addition, refrigerator of company of Wuhan iron and steel, Dalian is factory, new China the enterprise such as the pharmaceutical factory already also continued in post the experience that the success innovated on education.

2, the system of Organization for Standardization that build and suits with company production management phase soundly, make clear its duty and attributive
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