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Integrated circuit card registers administrative measure
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Harmonious leader group released project of national gold card recently " integrated circuit card registers administrative measure " , specific content is as follows:

The first gets stuck to assure and promote integrated circuit (IC of the following abbreviation gets stuck) application is safe, reliable with healthy, orderly development, according to the country concerned regulation makes this way.

This the 2nd method place says IC card is registered is to point to be engaged in IC blocking the production, orgnaization that issue and applies a service to offer, according to due process and requirement, to national IC card registers administration application, obtain only to register label name, write its IC check.

The 3rd issues emission IC card to apply to this method in churchyard of People's Republic of China.

Project of card of gold of the 4th country coordinates leader group office (card of gold of country of the following abbreviation does) it is the administration that IC card registers, its duty is:

1, build IC card to register coding system, make the policy that allocate and runs and way;

2, card of constituent executive IC is registered;

3, supervise, examination IC card registers a case;

4, the other arrangements that IC card registers management.

In the country Jin Ka does accredit and leader the 5th, national IC card registers a center (the following abbreviation registers a center) it is executive IC card those who register the job is daily handle affairs orgnaization, its duty is:

1, the enrollment that accepts application orgnaization to put forward applies for;

2, apply for to undertake examine and verify to applying for the enrollment of the orgnaization according to this method;

3, register label name to passing the orgnaization of examine and verify to allocate and issue " integrated circuit card registers certificate " ;

4, undertake be maintenanced daily to registering coding system, the publication that is in charge of registering information, release;

5, card of IC of international of connection of speak or sing alternately registers an organization;

6, assume national Jin Ka to do make the other work that do.

Register a center to be set in countrywide IT to standardize technical committee secretariat (Chinese electron technology standardizes an institute) .

The 6th every is engaged in the orgnaization of the following business, answer to apply for to register label name according to this method.

1, IC card chip offers an orgnaization to should apply for to register IC to block chip to provide orgnaization label number;

2, IC card production orgnaization should apply for to register IC to block bugle call of production orgnaization label;
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