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The connotation that the enterprise standardizes and character
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The enterprise is to be engaged in the independent economy nucleus of the economic activity such as production, sale and service weighing an organization, the economic base that is a country and pillar also are the dominant force of social productivity development and economic technology progress. Its are essential the task, it is a basis market demand, expand goods production hard, with be being used up less as far as possible, offer high grade product for the society (project or service) , create wealth, increase accumulate, satisfy the material that the society grows increasingly and culture life need.

To realize afore-mentioned tasks, every enterprise must apply the ground of method leave no stone unturned such as technology, economy, administration, democratic, legal system integratedly to reduce the on each link manpower in manufacturing management activity, material resources and financial capacity to use up, be organized scientificly and use the person, money, resource such as content. This is about to undertake close business science manages. These government work, cannot be desultorily, enterprise standardization makes business management realizes scientific and orderly government institute to need indispensable basic measure and foundation work just about.

The enterprise is standardized even if obtain optimal order and optimal benefit to be a target with the enterprise, with the enterprise production manages a large number of repeatability things in waiting for each field activity with the technology to be research target, it is a foundation with advanced science and technology and manufacturing practice experience, reach the scientific activity that carries out a kind when carry out various relevant specification to be main job content to have an organization with formulate industry standard.

The enterprise standardizes the foundation that is business management, it is the basic subsystem of whole standardization project, if leave an enterprise to standardize management, cheng of that standard chemical industry also becomes water without a source, have no way is mentioned.

One, the foundation that enterprise standardization management is business management and pillar

Modern business management is project of a system, sex of the gather sex that should have average system completely, dependency, purpose, dynamic sex and environmental suitability. But no matter still manage a method to come from measure of administrative function, government,look, enterprise standardization management is subsystem of a foundation in system of modern business management, the fundamental management method that is a basic administrative function, basic government measure.

1. Standardization management is an enterprise the fundamental management function in each management function
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