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Integrated circuit card applies and collect fees administrative measure
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By gold of state committee of planning, country card project coordinates a leader bank of people of group, Ministry of finance, China makes jointly " integrated circuit card applies and collect fees administrative measure " , via approval of the State Council, already carried out at was being released a few days ago. Specific as follows:

The first gets stuck to strengthen pair of integrated circuit (IC of the following abbreviation gets stuck) of application make overall plans and manage, normative IC card applies and collect fees behavior, the promotion application that gets stuck for IC creates favorable environment, basis " standard of value of People's Republic of China " the concerned regulation that blocks management with national integrated circuit, make this way.

This the 2nd method place calls IC card, it is to show integrated circuit chip is enchased in specific medium, can occupy the card of memory, processing and exchange into linage.

The application that the IC that this the 3rd method applies to churchyard of People's Republic of China to face a society blocks and collect fees.

Project of card of gold of the 4th country coordinates leader group (card of gold of the following abbreviation heads a group) the leader of production of card of IC of responsible whole nation, application and make overall plans, IC of formulate whole nation blocks applied overall planning, the IC of directive and departmental door, various places blocks production and application.

The promotion application that the 5th IC blocks executes branch line of business to manage by different levels. In IC the guidance of card application overall planning falls, the application that IC of countrywide industry sex blocks concerns division system to decide hairpin plan and applied standard by the State Council, consolidate management; The application that regional IC blocks is in charge of managing by local government.

What the 6th each branch, various places wants obedient Jin Ka to head a group is unified and harmonious, the IC card that according to countrywide IC the overall planning of card application makes cadre door, our region uses a program, sign up for Jin Ka to lead a group to put on record. The IC that did not include application the program gets stuck, must not issue.

Executive authority of the 7th state carries out administration, manage efficiency to rise, just serve a target and popularize use IC to get stuck, can collect fees to the user according to the standard of check and ratify. Collect fees the project signs up for the Ministry of finance, state committee of planning respectively according to subordinating relation or branch of finance of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, price is examined and approve, rate signs up for state committee of planning, Ministry of finance or check and ratify of department of price of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, finance.
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