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Sergeant Tang Zhiliang four per cent of the schematic as maintenance "Palm"
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Early autumn, a comprehensive training ground in southern Liaoning, smoke. Shenyang Military Region, field exercises and a mechanized division is about to start the countdown teachers Huang Ming-issued password. Suddenly, the front car shot command reference Report: Telex some failure , The command can not be implemented! Urgent! After receiving the order, the division sergeant Tang Zhiliang repair camp rushed to the scene four, free hip jumped into the cabin, the signs of failure they asked to identify the smell inside the circuit fault, check the contact temperature indices . Less than 2 minutes, he found the crux of the problem. Subsequently, he opened the toolbox, 三下五除二 remove a protective cover, an electric hair iron in the thickness of the copper next to the point of the two, back to the pilot said: launch Vehicles. Sure enough, the tanks roared up again. "Information content of troops and equipment increasing, the failure is also more subtle differences. Only to spend more practice, see more, to achieve capability in wartime." Talking about Tang Zhiliang the hand "skills", Teacher Tan Yu repair Battalion Bin points to the mystery. Gun interior space is small, light, dark, and some circuit line than even fine hair, looking effortlessly, repair the suck, is the mechanic who nobody wanted to touch the maintenance issue. To practice eye, every moonlit night, Tang Zhiliang went to the playground holding a needle, wire needle, practice finger dexterity. At first, he was anxious sweat can not be the string through eye of a needle, and have actually had the blood of one journal Dripping, while summing up his side of practice: heart to quiet, hand to steady, eyes should be designed. Later, the faint starlight, he can instantly Feizhenzouxian, light artillery, only a little light he was able to quickly weld the thinnest line. Relying on this hand, he Two consecutive years in the Army won the first contest, twice awarded a third class. Armored vehicles, the smell of diesel engine waste odor, pungent odor mixture. If you want to smell the wire from burning, coke, paste, baked finish, the difficulty can be imagined. But Tang Zhiliang that these odors can be displayed directly armored vehicles Vehicle size and location of the fault, and he fitted the engine with a bottle of smoke oil on the exhaust pipe, and repair of vehicles to collect the focal line, paste line, blindfolded, and hold the identification exercise. Time, failure of a new type self-propelled guns, vehicle repair technicians to tinker with a half-day, there is no improvement. Tang Zhiliang arrived, the door pull, the nose a smell, determine the device is connected to line failure, will be a model Resistor burned, a check was true. Tang Zhiliang say magic, far more than that. He welding wires, smelling troubleshooting, stemmed from his familiarity with the circuit. His familiarity with the circuit, from a picture of his men called the art circuit. Spread their painted System schematic, Tang Zhiliang blurted out nearly a resistance to the type and performance, and after a failure which would result in what kind of impact equipment. 7 years ago, Tang Zhiliang found during routine security maintenance, armored vehicles, there is little circuit, a wire and a failure to sort out two or three days, encounter complex to a week. If there is a line of a bunch of random lines, and also Order from scratch, so down, a mechanic will be able to repair one or two a year are shot, it can not meet the needs of the future battlefield. Tang Zhiliang think of their own schematic drawing, a map index, wire strand can be cleared in the shortest time. He first draws a small range of electrical connection diagram, unfinished one with the physical control, repeated information search, careful comparison. The Over years of hard work, Tang Zhiliang complete circuit 4 Gun 116. Now, the hundreds of copies of the rank and file repair schematic has become the "Palm", but also to fill many gaps in our armed forces self-propelled artillery.