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The classification of power source reachs knowledge
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The 1, classification that communicates regulated power supply reachs its characteristic:

The power source that can provide a stable voltage and frequency says to communicate stabilized power supply. The work that at present place of domestic most manufacturer does is alternating voltage stability. Combinative market some communicates regulated power supply to summarize its to classify a characteristic below.

Parameter is adjusted (syntonic) model

This kind of regulated power supply, the fundamental of stabilized voltage is resonance of LC series connection, inchoate occurrence magnetism saturation manostat belongs to this kind. Its advantage is a structure simple, without yuan of numerous parts of an apparatus, reliability is quite high stabilized voltage range is quite wide, interference rejection and fight overload ability strong. Defect is specific power consumption big, noise is big, cumbersome and cost is high.

The development on the foundation of magnetism saturation principle is mixed into formation parameter manostat 50 time of our country are popular already " magnetism amplifier is adjusted model electronic communication manostat " (namely 614 model) the communication manostat that all belongs to this kind of principle.

From Ou (change than) adjust model

1, machinery moves profiling, drive charcoal to brush with servo electric machinery namely in from Ou transformer winding moves on slip face, change Vo is right the ratio of Vi, in order to realize the adjustment of output voltage and stability. This kinds of manostat can arrive from hundreds of tile thousands of tile. Its characteristic is a structure simple, cost is low, output undee and lack fidelity small; but because charcoal brushs electric spark of slip contact easy generation, cause burn down of brush attaint down to and invalidation; and voltage adjusts rate slow.

2, change smokes head dummy, will from Ou transformer make it many fixed take a percentage of a deal, may accuse silicon through relay (solid state relay) as switch implement 10, change tap position automatically, realize the stability that outputs voltage thereby.

This kinds model manostat advantage is circuit simple, stabilized voltage range is wide (130V-280V) , efficiency is tall (≥ 95% ) , the price is low. And defect is stabilized voltage precision low (±8 ~ 10% ) working life is brief, it applies to a family to give air conditioning implement power supply.

High-power compensation -- purify model manostat (contain nicety manostat)

It realizes the stability that outputs voltage with compensation link, yi Shi shows personal computer to control.

Its advantage is interference rejection function good, stabilized voltage precision is tall (≤ ±1% ) , answer fast (40 ~ 60ms) , circuit simple, job but
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