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New generation power source more get used to telegraphic demand
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The United States pulled Siweijiasi in November 2000 (the exhibition of the 20th Comdex/Fall 2000 of Las Vegas) , and in what Hong Kong holds Asian international communication was exhibited 2000 in December (the information that ASIA2000) shows makes clear, market of global power source is entering new development level, market of product of new money power supply is tilting to telegraphic course of study, in order to get used to the new requirement that telegraphic industry grows. Of these two world-class exhibit can roll out a series of power source new product, brought full-bodied spring to garden of product of global power source breath.

Xin Pinliang exhibits power source meeting

Ai Mo gave birth to this company of company of system of the sources of energy to show product of new generation ACTURA, system of this kind of power source is applied to almost all communication equipment, and install handy. Designing standard field, ACTURA product can satisfy the shock-proof requirement of CE and UL standard and BELLCOR GR63 ZONE4, it is the world's current power source new product. ACTURA is brand-new the core of series products plan is to be in maintain Aimosheng while product of the sources of energy is high quality, the configuration means the system, shipment and installation test, move safeguard undertook optimizing. The main characteristic of ACTURA system is: Preferential load is controlled; Can undertake monitoring to the system through the network; Have a variety of output voltage, for example - 24VDC of 48VDC, + , 230VAC/120VAC; Use module of Plug and Play uninterrupted enlarge look; High power density, cover an area of an area small; Front operation, need not additional operation safeguards a space to wait. ACTURA product exports power supply way brand-newly, can assure laden power supply not only, and make the system obtains very tall dc to output quality.

APC of American APC company showed the new product of direct current source that faces telegraphic job application, the shift that showed product of direct current source and UPS photograph couple base solution of station power source and solution of power source of bureau of trade of large programmed control, can satisfy Internet and telegraphic foundation framework to use sexual requirement to Gao Ke.

APC company showed the product of 3 series:

1, commutator of TRF5600 series 48V/100A, apply to programmed control exchange to collect receive bureau, long-distance hub bureau, shift to exchange central bureau and signal center center to wait;

2, commutator of MRF2800 series 48V/50A, 2V/100A, use design of high power density and design of automatic temperature control, can apply at widely in communication of bureau of trade of small programmed control, microwave, shift radical station, satellite communications, fiber-optic communication and distributed power supply system;
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