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Compose establishs the design of power source power supply that lump encloses ea
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〖 article reprints or website of technology of electron of China of provenance 〗 ≡ ≡ network address: Compose of Www.EC66.com establishs the design of power source power supply that lump encloses easily

As sheet piece wide modulation of arteries and veins (PWM) controller is in 70 time are inchoate the sheet in opening power source power supply to design piece the gate of IC, the HEXFET structure that is based on crystal lattice in 20 centuries 70 time later period was canal of power field effect to open new scope of operation. In the meantime, they begin the design from AC/DC and DC/DC converter and treatment transition, switch mode power source (SMPS) replace application of predominate of linear voltage manostat.

The developer of PWM control chip the 20 advantages that will use CMOS technology all the time for years, but its foreground is occurrent change, taller compositive spend companion to had begun as greater performance to what contain fewer parts of an apparatus more efficient transform with power density. Current, power field effect provides the improvement that had included structural sex for electric equipment, the ground like these advantage miracles promoted field effect canal to raise power to handle ability with taller frequency and efficiency in be enclosed tinily.

To simplify further the design of power source is mixed treatment, sometimes driver of field effect canal and PWM controller are in charge of by effect of special power field and corresponding parameter asks rigid passive parts of an apparatus is compositive in individual in enclosing. These compositive parts of an apparatus made whole functional structure piece, the architect can assemble converter of single-phase or polyphase DC/DC easily. These much chip parts of an apparatus are in very small individual in enclosing, offerred mix with driver / or the flexibility that controller will come to combine high-powered control parts of an apparatus and canal of synchronous field effect. Accordingly, this brought compose to propose the flexibility of special converter to the user, decreased to design time greatly thereby, acquired higher power density and more advantageous property. Because driver is mixed / or the layout of the passive parts of an apparatus with semiconductor device of controller, power and parameter strict requirement is with sheet piece, the form that uses simple, structure piece is optimized, the architect need not care suppress accidental parasitism noise and the switch loss that do not hope, eliminated the traditional choice, difficult problem that optimize and buys canal of special power switch, diode, IC and relevant and passive parts of an apparatus or appliance thereby.

Although a few power source hope to use sheet more piece plan, but piece on the rated electric current of power switch is restricted very lowly, and in sheet is naked piece go up compositive the PWM controller that has driver and canal of effect of field of small electric current is very complex and costly. Besides actual output electric current is in by limitation about outside 10A left and right sides, these sheet piece the solution also needs additional passive parts of an apparatus normally, and for the consideration function is mixed come loose hot, must have choice and position to these parts of an apparatus reasonably. Need not cost too much, the hope uses special chip and parts of an apparatus to develop a high-powered AC/DC and DC/DC converter will be the thing that your poll is fond of.
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