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The United States turns the controller of power source administration with compo
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〖 article reprints or website of technology of electron of China of provenance 〗 ≡ ≡ network address: United States of Www.EC66.com turns the controller of power source administration with compositive height partly
Company of American country semiconductor devotes oneself to to provide functional all ready, performance for the market all the time outstanding, the price provides the semiconductor product of competition ability most again. This company announces to roll out the controller of power source administration with two compositive height, for the computer inside complex embedded the system provides support. The odd chip controller with these two compositive height can be any microprocessor, FPGA or DSP system to offer ample power supply to supply. American country semiconductor these two brand-new efficient controller of synchronous step-down stabilized voltage can offer many output, apply to equipment of jotter computer, network, online home appliance, machine to carry a box on the head, inside the graphic card of buy DDR memory, and industrial maneuver calculates aircraft main engine board.
LM2633 and LM2645 controller have all and necessary function, ensure the manufacturer can be in printed circuit board jacket sets to be able to be in 4.5 bend over (what V) operates inside the input limits to 30 bend over is efficient power source is supplied implement. Because the input voltage range of these two controller is relatively wide, stay machine electric current lower come to have 10 MA only, and performance is outstanding, because this is supportable all sorts of portable the system that reachs need electrical wiring to receive refute power source, satisfy the need of these systems.
LM2633 chip by two switch control implement reach composition of a linear controller. LM2645 chip not only all function distinguishing feature that has LM2633, and the linear manostat that still added a 3.3V/50mA. Because controller of these two synchro switch is OK,surprise appearance is operated, accordingly but the bring down is highest input electric current. Use this kind of technology to be able to reduce the capacitor number that keeps place of level of this power supply to need, make cost expenses can be cut down considerably. Passageway of these two switch also can use collateral means to be connected together, comprise pair of phasic controller undertake operating, so that raise power density and noise of bring down system. In addition, inside the 3.3 bend over of buy (manostat of linear of V) small electric current and adjustable and linear controller can offer other voltage to bide his time in order to support mode, offer bias voltage, or need of contented and other system.
Two chip all use LM2633MTD and LM2645 ultrathin and constrictive small-sized exterior line encloses the 48 pin of American country semiconductor (TSSOP) , purchase all with 1, 000 are an unit, odd valence is 4.25 dollars together.