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Power source standard
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Issue date of name of standard number level uses a relation to replace a standard
Unmanned value defends YD/T 501-91 microwave power source 1991-09-20
Technical requirement
YD/T 502-91 communication is special derv generates electricity 1991-09-20
Set technology asks
Technology of equipment of power source of YD/T 512-92 cable 1992-01-19
YD/T 585-92 opens credit distribution facility 1992-07-15
YD/T 637-93 communication uses direct current - dc 1993-08-17
Commutative equipment
YD/T 680-94 connects 1994-05-18 of credit inversion equipment
Quality grade level
YD/T 681-94 connects dc of credit dc ━ 1994-05-18
Classify of shift device quality
YD/T 682-94 connects credit semiconductor commutate 1994-05-18
Level of equipment quality grade
YD/T 683-94 connects credit distribution facilities to pledge 1994-05-18
Measure grade level
Foundation of switching equipment of YD/T 693-93 programmed control 1994-03-26
Power source technology asks
YD/T 731-94 communication uses high frequency switch 1994-09-28
YD/T 732-94 communication uses direct current - dc 1994-09-28
Law of transformer check proved recipe
YD/T 733-94 communication uses direct current - dc 1994-09-28
Module power source
YD/T 777-1996 connects 1996-01-23 REF of credit inversion equipment, GB 7260-87
With JB/T 7064-93
YD/T 799-1996 communication accuses type close 1996-01-22 REF.JIS C8707- with a powerful person
Feng Qian is acerbity accumulator ability 1992, GB13337.1
Art asks and detect method and IEC
YD/T 856-1996 mobile holds machine 1996-06-05 REF.IEC 285, GB
Power source technology wants 11013-89 of sue for peace and GB/T
Try 15100(1994 of proved recipe law)
1989-00-00 YDJ 1- of equipment of power source of communication of YDJ 1-89 post and telecommunications
Installation designs a standard 79
Equipment of power source of YDJ 31-83 communication is installed 1983-00-00
Engineering construction and check and accept ability
Art standard
Equipment of power source of YD 5040-97 communication is installed 1997-06-25
The design is normative
YD/T 939-1997 transmits equipment to use direct current 1997-12-18
Power source allocation lists ark
Equipment of power source of YD/T 638.3-93 communication 1993-08-17
Number name a method