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Computer box why electrified?
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My computer box is right human body voltage: Melt?7V, measure with digital avometer; Ground wire of my general power source inserts a foot to fall, same also; the exchange of 0 lines front line of ~220V power source, still; why? Avometer is no problem

The EMI of power source has two capacitance to be linked together with power source crust, close commonly machine it is to carry a bit electricity, when switching on the mobile phone, the feeling does not arrive, best box ground connection. If your box does not carry a bit electricity,your power source is manufacturer certainly jerry little EMI part.
About live issue, answer to begin from principle of switch power source. General switch power source has two capacitance to receive the land in 220V end, this ground receives case again. Says box is electrified, do not come from computer certainly, come from monitor likely, it is both likely more shunt-wound and come, namely the ground connection capacitance of the switch power source of the switch power source of computer and monitor is shunt-wound and come. Via constant circumstance, when if you are wet,the foot contacts housing, may get an electric shock, but if break a monitor (line) , won't get an electric shock possibly. Settle way of course ground connection is best, if go to couplet go to couplet,the capacitance of ground wire also goes (but destroyed former circuit to design) . Ground connection capacitance is used at interference rejection, the 3 feet electrical outlet of report of family expenses of electrical engineering requirement wants ground contact, but many exceptional of course, and in using, average person uses a few adscititious electrical outlet, and inferior product is very much in these electrical outlet, what you use the possibility do not have ground wire.
Had made small investigation, on market (include computer city in) the electrical outlet of the sale, it is inferior product more very, far from eligible.