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The issue with 0 live wires?
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0 lines put the unit that I am in in voltage, the meeting when be being contacted not carefully produces accident getting an electric shock, my individual analysis has the following reason:
Three-phase uses phone serious unbalance, and 0 lines are fine; There is an error in specific rural area when single-phase power supply 0 lines are fine, live wire is thick, using so when n is big, 0 on-line are pressed fall to be able to exceed 36 V; 0 lines contact undesirable or neutral site in power supply circuitry ground connection is bad.

Chinese standard is 4 lines make three-phase, 0 lines should be over there transformer ground connection, when three-phase is lopsided, the voltage of central line can drift, the means of settlement is direct using bit of ground contact. By three-phase load lopsided the neutral that cause nods drift, won't form very tall voltage on 0 lines commonly, be won't " produce accident getting an electric shock " .