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The dispersive means of dc power supply system (below)
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(4) equipment of reasonable configuration power source
In carrying out means of dispersive power supply to design, plan at the same time with communication equipment with installation, do not need for predicted load enlarge look to increase amount of power source facility, thereby managing installation cost. At the same time power source equipment uses onefold frame or module, operation is handy, reduce maintenance. Because be in system of this kind of power source, equipment of each power source is opposite only designation laden distribution. The need that is aimed at this load so can install power source equipment reasonably.
(5) the blemish of existence
The insufficient place of dispersive power supply: Half dispersive type should press 0.1h because of accumulator capacity - 1h discharge configuration, cannot exceed floor to ask to accumulator loading, and the effect that power source breakdown causes still has certain limits. Although batteries is OK,consider by 15min discharge meanwhile, reduced the demand to ground load, but cannot make full use of the mutual support function of accumulator, once reason malfunctions, the incidence that causes is very wide. And place of completely dispersive type needs little settle or live in a strange place to measure accumulator several grow in quantity. In this explicit executive process first
Definitely the condition is much, if be opposite performance characteristics of equipment of compatibility of dependability of alternating current source, electromagnetism, power source and safeguard equality of staff technology water to all have higher demand.
2, the executive technology measure that distributes small power supply
1. Executive measure
Communication bureau (station) power source requirement is identical communication bureau (station) in principle installs a total communication power supply system, offer low-pressure alternating current to each dc power supply system respectively from this, each dc power supply system can divide a room to install, also can mix for sole electric power use between batteries room) .
(1) enlightened already bureau (station)
1) communication business already arrived eventually period bureau (station)
Undertake replacement of equipment of power source of new old communication, with a powerful person batteries of acid accusing lead replaces a tradition acid resistant model plumbic acerbity batteries, replace brilliant brake to be in charge of rectifier with commutator of high frequency switch. About normative demarcate a powerful person accuses service life of plumbic acerbity battery to be 7, 8 years, service life of commutator of high frequency switch is 10 years, change in time it is thus clear that equipment of old communication power source is must.
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