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How to choose appropriate power source
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When people is undertaking electric equipment circuit module is designed or give new type approval, seldom consider the option of power source of form a complete set seriously, till discovery the problem goes in power source part, just reappraise this problem. To be helped somewhat to people, the parameter definition that the article recounted direct current source and treat measure unit (UUT) or the potential effect of other circuit system.

One, the basic basis that chooses power source

Voltage and voltaic limits, this is two target that define the most easily, want to go out according to the power comsumption computation of circuit only can. When if give UUT power supply with onefold volts d.c. only,passing, the extreme value of voltage of tall, low power supply that should consider to check UUT.
Most fixed power source allows to output the change inside the limits of voltage ±10 % , if this still cannot satisfy circuit requirement, can choose output adjustable or the power supply that allows bigger span.
If use this power source to give combined-type device power supply, criterion the 75 % that plant institute needs the biggest electricity are offerred by a power source to 90 % , insufficient part can receive two or more power source. Measure the power source of testing stand power supply to secure check partly, must have check to measure testing stand place to need the capacity of at least 125 % of electric current.

1, working mode

Almost all direct current source work in mode of constant voltage source, output voltage to be able to keep changeless inside span of whole electric current that is to say. It is certain to have also a batch of power sources still can be in the job inside limits sheds source mode in the value.
The span that power source outputs is not stationed in the tension that gets itself of power source of be confined to or voltaic output capacity, and still concern with status of power source job, getting used to mode oneself, power source can leave the output range of self-correcting voltage or electric current in the premise with changeless capacity.
A few power source still has the effect of electronic equipment load, below this kind of mode, this power source can use a test other constant voltage or constant current source.

2, answer time
Can shake remotely when power source accuse or power source is the one part that regards a test as the system when, so from the defer time that gives out control to command to power source output stabilizes a hope to be worth it is a very main factor (for example, open or change voltage) . Answer time to differ to a few millisecond from a few millisecond. A few power source can have the fast changeover rate that exceeds IV / Us. These power source can be used at making the aleatoric and undee generator of high-power.
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