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The dispersive means of dc power supply system (go up)
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One, the concentration of dc power supply system means
1. Overview
The alternating current source of the means in the case is by town report (advocate with power source) , oily machine generation set (reserve power source) reach changeover screen composition. Dc system is by rectifier (advocate with power source) , accumulator (reserve power source) reach dc screen to comprise, center installation to be in electric power room and batteries room. The low-pressure foundation that comes out by feed of electric power room is sorting power source, receive to each communication computer rooms, install the communication equipment power supply that is whole building in the power source equipment of building ground floor namely. Centralized power supply is the power supply system of high capacity, systematic bear electric current often is as high as thousands of consummate 10 thousand, if some part facilities produced breakdown to cannot run, whole communication may break down, on purpose is whole the moving dependability of communication network is poorer.
Combine the real need of abroad and domestic communication equipment, XT005 - 95 " communication bureau (station) total technology of power source system asks " already stipulated individual dc power supply system is the oldest electric current, cannot exceed the power consumption of switching equipment of programmed control of number of word of 50 thousand retail sales, aim to reduce breakdown of system of centralized power supply, the society that achieves contractible communication system to interrupt brings immediate pecuniary loss and generation is affected. The assurance of systematic dependability still relies on the support of accumulator, after accumulator group should ensure alternating current source is interrupted, flow continuously to this namely
The power supply of bear of power source system. Density of power of traditional fat acid battery is small, function of discharge of big electric current and low-pressure current limliting charge performance is poor, maintain an operation formalities is multifarious, lead to power supply easily to interrupt an accident, reduced reliability of power supply system consequently. In system of centralized power supply, because the electric power room of ground floor of building of park of equipment of fundamental power source or batteries are indoor, and locate of computer room of equipment of of all kinds communication each are upstairs, power source equipment must be used very long and the feed line Xiang Yuan with cut very large area is apart from laden power supply, most bureau (station) use the converge that does not have insulation layer to discharge line of parallel laid feed, cause short circuit of be struck by lightning or factitious breakdown short circuit very easily, produce fire even.
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