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How choose and use power source
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Security, dependability and power factor school want the issue of the consideration above all just about

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Today, power source user faces countless choices, the product standard manual with the long length of the numerous function of power source product and power source supplier, make power source of choose and buy becomes headachy issue. Delectable is the standard of craft standard technology that there is a lot of now, can help engineer choose and buy reliable and safe power supply.

Safety first

Power source equipment needs to provide isolating function, assure the security of power source equipment thereby, avoid bear the risk that comes from high-pressured feed line, this is the basiccest often also be ignored easily. This kind of security of power source equipment achieves by power source transformer, then, to make transformer can deferent enough electric power asks it must have corresponding dimensions.

A bigger transformer assembles stock radiator normally, can acquire good product life so. In addition, use double segregation even between the former edge of transformer and deputy edge coil, assure the biggest security thereby.


People often the life of product of pure demand power supply, actually, the factor that affects power source life is very much, if resemble average and laden rate, vibration and the environmental temperature all round,wait. Among them, environmental temperature is very important, so the platoon emits the total quantity of heat that by power source interior component place produces special key.

Because manufacturer of power source equipment does not know the use condition of final user, so they can offer the MIBF(Mean Time Between Failure) of mean time between failure that referenced life property is power source product exclusively; The MTBF of power source is worth, for love or money, it is electroanalysis in-housely by power source of the decision is worth place of capacitance MTBF. When the influencing factor that capacitance excludes in power source equipment, its calculative MTBF may be 100 thousand hours a few longer perhaps. However, electroanalysis the value of the typical MTBF of capacitance is 30 thousand hours merely.

The method of calculation of power source MTBF that already developed a themselves because of manufacturer of preparation of equipment of a few power source, and the MTBF value that computation gives is taller, so the user had better use the value of the MTBF that defines in MIL-HDBK-217E means, with manufacturer given the value of power source MTBF is compared, will judge the performance of the product correctly. Because the computational MTBF method of MIL-HDBK-217E definition is already confirmed and can accept extensively, calculative MTBF value also can be checked.
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