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Prattle frequency result puts IC
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Before talking about these meritorious service that I had used to put IC, I state above all, these IC are not is HIFI kind IC, however very general breed.
LM386: 8 feet (DIP-8 PACKAGE) power supply of only power source, output power has tile of hundreds of fine long hair to arrive to cover with tiles, multi-purpose in communication equipment, I ever also had seen in the multimedia sound box of small-power. Its characteristic is function stability produces self-excitation not easily, lack fidelity rate is not quite old, sound of high frequency frequency is not quite nice, noise coefficient is passable, low-cost, model has a variety of end compose, wait like LM386, LM386-N1, LM386-N3, it is with N3 best.
TDA2822M: 8 feet (DIP-8 PACKAGE) power supply of only power source, dual track, output power comes greatly 300mW, my feeling this is a very fragile IC, too easy self-excitation and attaint, but gain is big, high frequency had answered, periphery circuit is simple, but the price is a bit expensive, 4 yuan are controlled. What remind an attention here is TDA2822 and TDA2822M it is different, former have 14 feet, latter only 8 feet.
TA7232P: 12 feet (SIP-12 PACKAGE) power supply of only power source, dual track, output power 2W*2. This is a satisfactory IC. Main characteristic is: S/N and THD are extremely low, subjective sense is very excellent, allegedly this IC is what be TOSHIBA only is portable the recorder designs, as expected outstanding! Be short of regret smally is power bit smaller, the price is not cheap also, can touch on the average meritorious service of 5W*2 puts IC BA5408, 6-10 yuan.
BA5408: 12 feet (SIP-12 PACKAGE) power supply of only power source, dual track, output power 5W*2. This is " looby " , I this trashy it has been done result put, when just building multimedia sound box for the classmate, come up against. Had not seen its technical parameter, but subjective feeling not quite according to!
TDA1521: 9 feet (SIP-9 PACKAGE) power supply of double power source, dual track, output power amounts to 12W*2. This is originally " goofy result is put piece " , but installed with it result I am foolish after putting. Self-excitation is serious, burn two repeatedly, the likelihood is I am put to high-power result without experience, likely also I purchased commodities from abnormal channel. The situation that I understand is, TDA1521=TDA1521Q<>TDA1521A, latter power wants small in part.
Of other wait a moment like TDA7240, TDA2030A, TDA1514A, LM3886, although opinion of electronic the press is very high, I had not tried, dare not be in this talk rubbish, lest make a laughingstock of oneself before experts.
Note: Row of SIP = sheet inserts DIP = biserial continuously continuously

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