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Commonly used mouse and clavier integrated circuit
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Model (norms) reference of name of parts of an apparatus of manufacturer of data table production is monovalent and compatible model

IC of HM8450AP EMC mouse

IC of HM83702A EMC mouse

IC of HM84502A EMC mouse

IC of PT8452AP EMC mouse

IC of HT6513 HOLTEK mouse

IC of HT6523` HOLTEK mouse

IC of HT82M39A HOLTEK mouse

IC of HT82M89A HOLTEK mouse

IC of HT82M33A HOLTEK mouse

IC of HT82M35A HOLTEK mouse

IC of UM6868A UMC clavier

IC of NT6862 UMC clavier

IC of NT6872 UMC clavier

IC of NT6873 UMC clavier

IC of NT6880 UMC clavier

IC of NT6881 UMC clavier

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