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AD7843 and AD7873 number converter
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AD7843 and AD7873 number converter apply to the feeling screen equipment of batteries power supply

AD7843 and converter of number of screen of AD7873 resistor feeling were aimed at the equipment of batteries power supply technically to undertake optimizing, apply to feeling screen equipment, like PDA, hold terminal of equipment, monitor, POS and machine of notify sb of a phone call to wait.

This number converter is in 12 successive approach type to compare register (on SAR)ADC framework compositive those who be used at drive to touch screen is low connect impedance switch. AD7873 still adds other function, include to measure temperature limits to be - 40 ℃ arrive of 85 ℃ piece on temperature sensor, direct batteries and feeling pressure are measured plan, and of a 2.5V board go up fiducial voltage.

These parts of an apparatus are not using in-house and fiducial tension, and with be more than 125kSa/s take in and send out in large quantities lead the biggest power comsumption when moving to be <1.4mW. They still contain 10KeV to input ESD protection to the imitate of 12KeV, increased to fight ESD ability, in order to prevent damage of crucial internal system component. Converter of number of two kinds of low power comsumption all uses odd 2.2V to work to the power source of 5.25V. To prolong battery life, the in-house and fiducial voltage of AD7873 can be shut when be not used, and two kinds of parts of an apparatus all contain section report mode, but will use up electric current to fall to <1 μ A.