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The development of China IC industry "golden years"
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IC industry is the foundation of modern electronic information industry and the core. With the global information technology, networking and the rapid development of knowledge-based economy, integrated circuits industry in the national economy is becoming increasingly important, with its endless change, innovation and strong penetration, driving the information industry's rapid development. The data show that modern economic development, integrated circuit every 1 to 2 yuan output value of 10 yuan to bring the output value of electronic information industry, in order to stimulate growth in GDP of around 100 yuan. IC industry is a strategic and a double feature of the industrial market. In the field of national defense and national security, integrated circuits, information warfare and weaponry in play to maintain the national will, the role of defending national sovereignty; in economic development and enhance overall national strength of the process, the integrated circuit is the embodiment of core competence. IC industry has become a matter of economic development, national defense, information security, people's lives and the basic and strategic industries. In today's building a socialist well-off society, historical period, to develop integrated circuit industry as soon as possible to build a technologically advanced, independent innovation ability, have a certain economic scale integrated circuit industrial system, for "adhere to information technology to stimulate industrialization, promotion of information "and taking a new road to industrialization, to achieve leapfrog development; protection of information security, economic security and improve the weapons and equipment of information technology, and enhance national defense strength, to ensure national security; to promote social progress and better living standards, an extremely important strategic significance and practical significance. The earliest construction of China's IC industry can follow to 1956, the State Council, the organization of national scientists formulated the "1956-1967 Plan of science and technology development vision," semiconductor technology has been listed as national key science and technology projects. After forty years of IC industry in the development of self-reliance through the start-up (1956 ~ 1978), to explore the development of reform and opening period (1979 ~ 1989), and the focus of the construction period (1990 ~ 1999) . Particularly since the June 24, 2000 the State Council issued "to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industries a number of policy" (State of Man 18) Since the development of China's IC industry into the policy guidance, improve the environment, to attract external funding rapid development. China's IC industry ushered in the golden years. In recent years the rapid growth of China's IC industry, with sales in 2001 from about 200 billion yuan to 125.1 billion yuan in 2007, reaching its peak. The period is the best period of development of integrated circuits, the average annual growth rate of sales revenue more than 30%, which is the fastest growing global semiconductor industry over the same period the area. By the global financial crisis, 2008, 2009, industrial output declined. Throughout the world, but in the last decade the growth rate of China IC industry has always maintained higher than the global IC industry growth of about 10 percentage points. In the industry have been expanding at the same time, IC industry structure has gradually become more reasonable, and chip design industry, the proportion of manufacturing industry increased significantly. In chip manufacturing, the SMIC, as the representative of a group of IC enterprises have been established, the rapid development of China's integrated circuit provides the necessary basic conditions, thereby bringing the IC industry chain, China's overall development. After 2000, new investment projects integrated circuit factory or production line are: SMIC (Beijing), CMOS, 12 英寸, 0.13 ~ 0.09μm, 2 pieces / month; Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai), CMOS, 8 英寸, 0.25 ~ 0.13μm, 10 pieces / month; Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai), CMOS, 12 英寸, 0.09 ~ 0.045μm, 2 pieces / month; Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Tianjin), BiCMOS, 8 英寸, 0.35 ~ 0.25μm, 3.5 pieces / month; Wuhan Xinxin (SMIC), CMOS, 12 英寸, 0.18 ~ 0.09μm, 2 pieces / month; Chengdu into a core (TI has been acquired), CMOS, 8 英寸, 0.25 ~ 0.13μm, 4.5 pieces / month; Shanghai Grace, CMOS, 8 英寸, 0.25μm, 4.3 pieces / month; Jian Technology (Suzhou), CMOS, 8 英寸, 0.13 ~ 0.09μm, 4 pieces / month; Songjiang TSMC, CMOS, 8 英寸, 0.25μm, 4 pieces / month; New Shanghai (Metallurgy), BiCMOS, 6 英寸, 1 ~ 2μm, 5000 pieces / month; Integrated in the weft (Ningbo), CMOS, 6 英寸, 0.5μm, 2 pieces / month; Wuxi China Resources electronics, MOS, 6 英寸, 0.6 ~ 0.35μm, 2 pieces / month; Jilin Sino-Micro (Shenyang), CMOS, 6 英寸, 1 ~ 1.5μm, 1 pieces / month; Hangzhou Silan Electronics, Bipolar, 5 英寸, 2 ~ 0.8μm, 1 pieces / month; Chongqing, promos, Flash, LCD driver, etc., 8-inch, 0.18μm, 6 pieces / month; Dalian, Intel, CMOS, 12 英寸, 90nm, 5.2 pieces / month; Foundry built to promote the design of large-scale industry developed rapidly. In chip design, the century began, the Ministry of Industry (formerly Ministry of Information Industry) organized and implemented the "China Chip" project in China with independent intellectual property rights and vigorously support the development of IC products. Ministry of Science and 863 arranged in the integrated circuit design of major projects. As the state encourages the development of IC industry in the introduction of preferential policies and measures, inspired by the policy of the State Council, the local IC industry to actively improve the environment, the establishment of integrated industrial development park, setting off a nationwide integrated circuits investment. Has established in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chengdu, 7 IC Design Industrial Base (later joined one of Hong Kong, as 7 +1 mode). Different economic nature of the different operating mechanisms, a number of different technical background design enterprises mushroomed rapidly. In addition to eight state-level integrated circuit industry base, has also built 15 state-level training bases and a variety of IP libraries, IP transactions, patent retrieval service for the purpose of the support platform. According to incomplete statistics, China's IC design industry in 2009 the total sales of 26.992 billion yuan, accounting for China's IC industry output value of 24.3%. China's top ten sales of integrated circuit design enterprises barriers to entry has more than 400 million yuan, the largest IC design company in Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Hisilicon sales have reached 3.911 billion yuan. After nearly a decade of development, China's integrated circuit design has been through the initial start period, enter the rapid growth stage of development. In the packaging and testing industry, the semiconductor packaging industry in China developed from the 1956 start of the first transistor, has developed into the semiconductor industry accounted for about half of China's largest industry. In 2009, the national packaging industry sales of about 49.816 billion yuan, accounting for total output value of China's IC industry 45%. Currently, the world's largest packaging companies have been built in mainland China production base. China's IC packaging and testing large enterprise is about 70, of which there are local or locally-owned 22, and the remaining 48 are owned, Taiwan-funded or foreign controlled enterprises, and nearly 60% of the enterprises are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta area. In packaging technology, packaging products, with the diversification and increased demand for high-end packaging products, packaging companies in the development and production of new technologies to make more efforts and achieved progress in many new and gradually change to the original low-grade plastic packaging based situation. Recalling the last decade the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry, the industry generally believe that: the growth of the domestic market, preferential policies, incentives, improvement of investment environment, industrial clustering effect, the global semiconductor industry, the transfer to China and "returnees" in the home business and so is important factor in promoting development. 2010 is the State of the [2000] 18, the text is "to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industries a number of policy" issued by the tenth anniversary, but also China's "second Five-Year" plan nexus of year, to sum up and promote integration of China a decade circuit industry, technological progress and achievements, and promote "China chip" results of the industry to further promote the development of China's IC industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center is scheduled for 22-23 December 2010 in Tianjin hold "2010 China's IC Industry Promotion Conference and the fifth 'China Chip' Award Ceremony", ten years in China and the China Achievements Exhibition core Core Award Ceremony will be held concurrently. The community are invited to participate in this event, together with the industry feel the pulse of China's IC industry is flourishing, and grasp opportunities for development.
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