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Quartz brilliant Zhen Jian uprights
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Quartz brilliant brace up namely alleged quartz crystal resonator and quartz a general designation of crystal clock oscillator. In because be in,consuming kind of electron product nevertheless, what resonator uses is more, general concept is so medium brilliant brace up be equal to understand at resonator, latter indicates normally namely Zhong Zhen. Quartz brilliant brace up it is a kind of electron cell that is used at stabilizing frequency and choice frequency, already was used to be in widely appearance of communication of communication of radiophone, carrier wave, broadcasting television, satellite, number, horological in waiting for all sorts of electron equipment.

About quartz brilliant brace up classification, say quartz above all brilliant brace up resonator. Resonator is divided commonly for plug-in unit (Dip) and stick piece (SMD) divide again in plug-in unit for HC-49U, HC-49S, HC-49SS, tonometer model (columnar brilliant brace up) . HC-49U weighs 49U commonly, some purchase common to say " tall model " , and HC-49S weighs 49S commonly, common says " short model " , HC-49SS weighs 49SS commonly, common says (super- short model, it is 2.5mm encloses height normally) , tonometer can divide according to body integral for 3*9, 3*8, 2*6, , 1*5, , 1*4 is waited a moment. Stick piece model it is to press size and foot will classify. For example 7*5 (0705) , 6*3.5 (0603) , 5*3.2 (5032) etc. Foot the branch that has 4pin and 2pin. And the oscillator also can be divided mix for plug-in unit stick piece. Plug-in unit can press size and foot will divide. For example of so-called full measure, weigh a rectangle again or 14pin, of half dimension weigh a square again or 8pin. What want an attention nevertheless is, the 14pin here and 8pin are the crural digit that points to IC of oscillator interior core. Oscillator itself is 4pin. And from different application the level is divided, can divide again for OSC (common Zhong Zhen) , TCXO (lukewarm Bu Zhongzhen) , VCXO (pressure accuse Zhong Zhen) , OCXO (constant temperature Zhong Zhen) etc.

Quartz brilliant brace up main function index has: Adjust frequency difference, temperature frequency difference or total frequency difference, syntonic resistor or laden resonance resistor, function of organic still instrument.

Nominal frequency: The frequency that technical condition place assigns, point to brilliant normally brace up on the frequency of the label.

Working frequency: Quartz brilliant brace up in the frequency that gives the generation on circuit.

Laden capacitance: From quartz brilliant brace up insert a foot all and effective capacitance that two end see to oscillating circuit direction adds quartz for this oscillating circuit brilliant brace up laden capacitance. Laden capacitance and quartz brilliant brace up the working frequency that decides it together. Through adjusting laden capacitance general and OK adjust the working frequency of oscillating circuit nominal value. Laden capacitance can be made according to particular case adjust appropriately. When laden electric capacity is too large, stray capacitance influence is reduced, but fine tuning rate falls; Laden capacitance too hour, fine tuning rate increases, but stray capacitance influence increases, laden and syntonic resistor increases, rise even brace up difficult.
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