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36M brilliant brace up why to become 12M?
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I designed a sheet with the AT89C51RB2 of ATMEL company piece engine system, what clock circuit uses is 36M exterior brilliant brace up, systematic voltage is 3.3V. According to this sheet piece the introduction on the Datasheet of machine, the crystal vibration frequency when 3.3V is highest and OK use 40M. But measure actually, what I get with 36M crystal is the oscillatory frequency of 12M however. How is this to return a responsibility excuse me? I also had encountered similar issue previously, the settlement at that time method is to use exterior clock, be 4 abduct foot the sort of, add electrify pressing to be able to work.

Mix with the crystal that is the same as norms odd a machine crossing-over, gotten result still is such. Why the brilliant of 36M brace up is those who get 12M however?
The brilliant of the 3 fundamental frequency that use because of you brace up, must circuit of the exterior resonance that receive LC
High-frequency crystal is overtone crystal, quality is bad to can run to fundamental frequency to go up U