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Brilliant brace up reach its parameter
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Every brilliant brace up the parameter that can have it
Central frequency: ? ? Hz. Brilliant brace up frequency
Stability: ? ? PPM. Temperature affects this number to jump over big brilliant to what brilliant Zhen Pin leads brace up stabler
Adjustable limits: ? ? PPM. What brilliant Zhen Pin leads is adjustable this number exceeds range what Zhen Pin leads big Najing is adjustable scope is less
Laden capacitance: ? ? PF. Brilliant brace up the capacitance value that asks below central frequency
Syntonic resistor: ? ? Ohmic. Brilliant brace up alternating current block
Concussion means: Fundamental frequency and overtone.
The concussion pattern of fundamental frequency is general won't prep above 25MHz. If want taller frequency,can use overtone any crystalline substance brace up. The frequency of overtone is to be like overtone 3 times 5 times oddly commonly overtone 7 overtone

When brilliant brace up the capacitance that receives concussion circuit to go up to introduce in concussion circuit place does not accord with brilliant brace up the frequency that place of circuit of the concussion when the capacity of laden capacitance asks gives is met the frequency of bid of He Jingzhen place is different
For example: The brilliant that laden capacitance of a 4.0000MHz -20PPN is 16PF brace up
When laden capacitance it is place of circuit of the concussion when 10PF the frequency that give may be 4.0003MHz
When laden capacitance it is place of circuit of the concussion when 20PF the frequency that give may be 3.9997MHz
Brilliant brace up laden capacitance has 2 kinds to receive a standard 1 paralell connection is in brilliant brace up on 2 series connection are in brilliant brace up on
The 2nd kind more commonly used 2 feet receive a capacitance to exchanging the land
What ask to PLL is like on tall circuit in precision of a few pairs of frequency is fiducial wait. . . Namely and many adjustable capacitance comes to what small frequency modulation leads
If ask to used fixed capacitance not high to go to frequency precision