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Brilliant brace up classification
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According to brilliant brace up the function differs with what implement a technology, can brilliant brace up cent is the following 4 kinds:

Oscillator of crystal of 1) constant temperature (OCXO of the following abbreviation)

This type brilliant brace up used technology of constant temperature chamfer to the solution of temperature stability, chamfer of crystal park constant temperature inside, through installing constant temperature the job is nodded, make cell body holds constant temperature position, do not suffer external temperature effect inside certain limits, achieve stability to output the effect of frequency. This kind of brilliant brace up the communication device that basically is used at all sorts of types, include switching equipment, SDH to transmit equipment, mobile to put the domain such as TV of receiver of machine, GPS, broadcasting station, number and war industry equipment continuously. According to user need, this type brilliant brace up can belt pressing accuses to cite a base. Following graphs show the working principle of OCXO 3 times:

Graph block diagram of principle of oscillator of crystal of 3 constant temperature

The main good point of OCXO is, because used technology of constant temperature chamfer, frequency temperature character is in all type brilliant brace up in it is best, because circuit designs nicety, its are short mix firmly phasic noise is better. Main drawback is power comsumption volume is big, large, need the left and right sides 5 minutes heat time ability works normally etc.

2) temperature compensates crystal oscillator (TCXO) of the following abbreviation.

Its used a few temperature to compensate a method to the solution of temperature stability, main principle is to pass inductive environment temperature, brilliant is controlled after making temperature news proper shift brace up output frequency, achieve stability to output the effect of frequency. Traditional TCXO is to use imitate parts of an apparatus to undertake compensating, as the development that compensates a technology, a lot of digitlization compensate big TCXO to begin to appear, TCXO of compensatory of this kind of digitlization calls DTCXO again, with odd when undertaking compensating, we weigh a chance for MCXO, because used digitlization technology, the brilliant of this one type brace up very tall precision was achieved on temperature character again, and can get used to wider working temperature range, basically apply at war industry domain and the circumstance with use harsh environment. Below the joint efforts of personnel of extensive research and development, my company opens the MCXO that gave out high accuracy independently, its design principle and alive bound range is banner, deserve to test a system with the production of high automation, its are produced per month can achieve 5000, if pursue,its design a principle 4.
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