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Diode of base of power of Xiao Te radical
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Diode of base of power of Xiao Te radical

SBD of diode of base of power of Xiao Te radical (Schottky Barrier Diode, abbreviation Xiaoteji diode) be in recent years the low power comsumption of the world, big electric current, exceed high speed semiconductor device. Its restore time reversely extremely short (can small to second of a few accept) , guide is connected pressure fall only 0.4V left and right sides, and rectification electric current can achieve thousands of however. These good character are fast restore diode to be able to not be likened to. Medium, small-power rectification diode uses Xiaoteji mostly enclose a form.

One, principle of diode of Xiao Te radical

Diode of Xiao Te radical is precious metal (gold, silver-colored, aluminous, platinum) A is positive electrode, it is negative pole with N semiconductor B, those who use the force that forms on both interface to base has rectification character and be made is much belong to - semiconductor device. Because there is many electron in N semiconductor, the free electron of only thimbleful in precious metal, so the electron is spent from the Xiang Nong in the B with high concentration diffuse in low A. Apparent, there is hole in metallic A, nonexistent also cavity comes loose to the enlarge of B from A motion. Diffuse from B ceaselessly as the electron A, surface of chroma of B surface electron falls gradually light industry ministry, the surface is electrically neutral be destroyed, form power base then, direction of its electric field is B → A. But it is under action of this electric field, the electron in A also can produce the drift motion from A → B, thereby the electric field that because diffuse to move and be formed,disappear lost. After the space charge division that builds certain width, the electronic drift movement that electric field causes and chroma are different the electron that cause diffuses motion achieves relative balance, formed base of power of Xiao Te radical.

The in-house circuit construction that rectification manages typical Xiaoteji is it is with N semiconductor base piece, above form

Make the N- denotative layer of adulterant with arsenic. Zincous (block archives layer) metallic stuff is molybdenum. 2 oxidation silicon (SiO2) with the electric field that will remove brim section, raise the compression cost of pipe. N base piece have very little on-state resistance, its adulteration chroma relatively H- layer wants 100% times taller. In base piece below forms N cathode layer, its action is the osculatory resistance that reduces cathode. Through adjusting structural parameter, can be in base piece with positive pole appropriate Xiaoteji is formed between the metal power base, should add when bias voltage E, metallic A and N base piece B receives power source respectively, negative pole, narrow of Wo of width of base of this the current situation. Add negative bias - when E, power base width increases.
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