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Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) basic idea
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Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) basic idea

Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) the abbreviation that is commutator of silicon controlled rectifier. Silicon controlled rectifier has one-way, two-way, can close to dominate a few kinds of types with light it has volume small, weight tall, life grows light, efficiency, control is convenient wait for an advantage, be used extensively at can accusing the circumstance of rectification, pressure regulating, inversion and the electric energy changeover that wait for all sorts of automata and high-power without contact switch.

One, one-way silicon controlled rectifier is one-way silicon controlled rectifier is one kind can control rectification electron element, can fall in action of exterior control signal by close to turn into guide, but once guide,connect, exterior signal cannot make its close, can rely on purify load only or reduce its two upright voltage make its close. One-way silicon controlled rectifier is 4 when comprise by PNPN of 3 PN knot 3 end semiconductor device and the diode look that have tie of a PN are compared, one-way silicon controlled rectifier guide is connected suffer control pole electric current to control; Compare with the dynatron look that has two PN tie, the difference is opposite at silicon controlled rectifier control pole electric current does not have enlarge action.

2, two-way silicon controlled rectifier has two-way silicon controlled rectifier conductance of two directional annulus is connected, the character that involves. Two-way silicon controlled rectifier is two one-way silicon controlled rectifier that turn over paralell connection essentially, it is by NPNPN5 layer semiconductor forms 4 PN structure to become, the semiconductor device that has 3 electrode. Because the construction of main electrode is symmetrical (from N layer derivative) , so one-way silicon controlled rectifier calls its electrode unlike positive pole and cathode respectively in that way, however with of control pole close call the first electrode A1, another calls the 2nd electrode A2. The main drawback of two-way silicon controlled rectifier is to bear the ability of voltage ascendant rate is inferior. Because two-way silicon controlled rectifier tells an end in a square guide,this is when, silicon chip carries mediumly in each stream child the position that has not returned off-state, must take corresponding safeguard. Component of two-way silicon controlled rectifier basically is used at communicating control circuit, like temperature control, lamplight control, explosion proof communicates the circuit such as switch and dc machine timing and inverting.
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