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Common connector and electrical outlet introduce
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Connector and electrical outlet
A few newest development introduce here board right board, board to wire cable, insert connector of needle and electrical outlet and machine cabinet form, and all sorts of IC socket

Communication of Jiangsu embellish fast develops company Cao Jin

Span 5.08mm wiring board

----The wiring that 88 series add two span newly to be 5.08mm again board 8801 with 8802. 8801 it is 10mm high only, use at 16 AWG line, its are rated electric current is 10A, rated voltage is 300V.

----8802 have 35 ° entry, become many wiring board very easily repeatedly. To 12 AWG line, its are rated electric current is 17.5A, rated voltage is 300V. 8801 and 8802 all can use form platoon or two 3 wedge wiring board.

---- Molex Industrial Division

The bolt type of 15A and 30A terminal

----Installation of two printed board is tasted newly with bolt type terminal, one kind is short model of 15A, another kind is heavy load 30A. 15A OK and contented high density spends enclosed requirement, and have fight rotate function. 30A 6 press enter a foot, make sure installation is stable and reliable, the surface has dentate streak on.

----Both all make by tin-plating brass, can serve as not the component of joint is offerred, also can offer the terminal whole that takes bolt.

---- Keystone

Accord with the connector of FCC standard

----Accord with the special interface adapter of standard of FCC Part 15.203 and connector series, use reversal sex to receive a standard, have retrorse thread model with standard whorl model. Retrorse whorl RT-1227 is outside whorl changes inside the orthogonal adapter of whorl, adapter plating nickel, osculatory ministry and core needle are aureate, use get together 4 fluorine ethylene is isolated from.

---- RF Connectors

Power source socket of optional IEC 320

----Power source of international of IEC 320 is received socket and but series of new wiring outlet, include comfortable the product that at ﹑ of all sorts of lead of type cable ﹑ wiring board reachs socket and outlet. Product of IEC 320 series also can use as connector of waterproof power source.

---- Globtek
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