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The connector that develops recently and electrical outlet
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Develop recentlyConnector and electrical outlet

The connector that the closest development is here and electrical outlet, outlet, adapter reachs passive motherboard to wait for relevant product.

Prevent accidental and detached connector
PS series connector has a contact to chain bedspring, facilitate direct with #110, #187, #205 and connect of #250 reed type are linked together. When be not join condition, locking mechanism by enclose crust place segregation closely.
The rating of PS series connector is 25 A/250 V, crinkly model straight reed version has 10 AWG line and #250 reed. Still have be offerred to 26 AWG line from 10 AWG.

Insert in beforehand the outlet of direct current source in buy aperture
MJ-60/61 inserts installing plate type outlet of direct current source is inserted in beforehand in the installing hole of buy, the installing hole that has 10.5mm of a 9.75 × leaves above. MJ-60 outlet has the central pin of a 2.1mm, rating is 12 Vdc/0.5 A. MJ-61 has the central pin of a 2.5mm, rating is 12 Vdc/1.0A.
The permission of two kinds of model the error all is ± 0.3, osculatory resistor is 30m Ω , intensity of insulation of resistor of Ω of every 100 M is 500 Vdc.

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Facilitate the terminal passive motherboard that receives The pin span that motherboard of passive of terminal of 250 series PCB has 2.5 ~ 7.5mm and of 45 ° guide angle. Of an organic whole of its form a complete set drive pushbutton to be helpful for with PCB board be linked together.
This motherboard character is: Rated voltage 250 ~ 400 V, terminal crust part uses all sorts of different color. Still have space implement can offer an alternative, in order to adds space and space of leakage of electricity.


Can insert the terminal motherboard of PCB directly
ZEC series inserts motherboard of terminal of type PCB, in can inserting 0.062 inches standard PCB border directly, do not need to install mounting bar on PCB. ZEC series uses exit type plug, the wire of motherboard join terminal involves inside bedspring.
Bolt of ZEC series motherboard has 0.197 inches or 0.295 inches two kinds of span. Rating is 10 A /300 V, electrical wiring of acceptability 14 AWG.
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