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Basic circuit idea
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The directional shift of voltaic charge is called circuit in, commonly used I expresses electric current. Voltaic cent flows continuously and communicate two kinds. Voltaic size and direction are not called dc along with what time varies. Voltaic size and direction are called communication along with what time varies. Is voltaic unit to install (A) , commonly used also milliampere (MA) or microamper (UA) becomes an unit. 1A=1000mA, 1mA=1000uA.
Electric current can be measured with ammeter. When measuring, establish ties ammeter in circuit, want to choose ammeter finger to be close to the span of full deflexion. Can pass in order to prevent electric current so big and attaint ammeter.

Voltage river water can flow, because have water level difference,be; Charge can flow, because have voltage,be. Voltage namely voltage. Voltage is the reason that forms electric current. In circuit, commonly used U shows tension. The unit of voltage is volt (V) , commonly used also millivolt (MV) small perhaps bend over (UV) become an unit. 1V=1000mV, 1mV=1000uV.
Voltage can be measured with volmeter. When measuring, get on volmeter paralell connection in circuit, want to choose volmeter finger to be close to the span of full deflexion. If the voltage size estimation on circuit does not come out, want to use big span first, the span with the appropriate reoccupy after be being measured roughly. Can pass in order to prevent as a result of voltage so big and attaint volmeter.

Pass to electric current in resistor circuit have block up effect and the share that causes energy to use up is called resistor. Commonly used R expresses resistance. The unit of resistor is Europe (Ω ) , commonly used also 1000 Europe (K Ω ) or million Europe (M Ω ) become an unit. Ω of 1k Ω =1000, 1M Ω =1000000 Ω . The resistor of conductor is accumulated by the material of conductor, cross section and length decides.
Resistor can be measured with avometer ohm archives. When measuring, want to choose ammeter finger to be close to the ohmic archives of deflexion half. If resistor is in circuit, after be being ironed directly, measure what want a resistor again.

The voltage U of two end becomes the voltaic I in Ohm's law conductor and conductor direct ratio, become inverse ratio with the resistor R of conductor, namely I=U/R
This rule is called Ohm's law. If know voltage, electric current, resistor measures two medium 3 times, can beg according to Ohm's law give the 3rd amount, namely
I=U/R, I of / of R = U, u = I×R
In alternating current road, ohm's law holds water likewise, but resistor R should change impedance Z, namely Z of / of I = U

Power source calls the can be changed into electric energy unit of other form power source. The dynamo can change mechanical energy into electric energy, dry cell can change chemical energy into electric energy. Dynamo, dry cell be called power source. Pass transformer and commutator, the unit that turns alternating current into dc calls rectification power source. The electronic equipment that can supply signal calls signal the source. Crystal dynatron can in front the signal that delivers tries to magnify, convey magnified signal in the circuit from the back again. Crystal dynatron is right for the circuit from the back, also can regard as signal source. Whole galvanic source, signal source also is called power source sometimes.
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