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Power comsumption 14 ADC under 600mW
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The AD9244 ADC of ADI falls in condition of 65MSPS changeover rate can offer 14 precision, power comsumption only 590mW.

Because AD9244 can support sampling frequency to amount to 200MHz, cancelled to play circuit of frequency conversion unit, so it can economy makes wireless communication effectively base the intermediate frequency in the station (IF) sampling construction of system.
AD9244 still has type of low speed 40MSPS, its power comsumption can reduce 345mW further.

AD9244 belt outputs an error to amend circuit, use multistage to differ billabong waterline structure, 75dB can be offerred to believe a confusion of voices to compare below 65MSPS changeover rate (SNR) , 90dB does not have limits of stray signal trends (SFDR) with 14 precision. It loses a yard in the guarantee against inside limits of total provision temperature.

AD9244 uses the 48 LFQP that cite a base to enclose, have 40MSPS and 65MSPS two kinds of model, 1000 unit price that order a quantity are 20 dollars respectively / piece with 29 dollars / piece.