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Toshiba is new-style CISC 32 microprocessor
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LCD of Toshiba company compositive color, USB and NAND show the job of TMP92CH21FG of 32 CISC microprocessor that keeps controller to be when 20MHz power comsumption only 75mW. Controller of USB of the buy inside the MPU with this kind of compositive height, NAND shines put interface and chromatic LCD controller. Its target application is a palm go up and carry equipment, if data gathers device, hold global location system and portable printer.

This MPU has Suo Xianghuan (PLL) circuit, change the signal of exterior 10MHz into the in-house clock 20NHz of CPU, its kernel is nucleus of Toshiba TLCS-900/H1 CPU, support has real time job at the same time.

Major attribute of this parts of an apparatus has: (1)USB 1.1 controller: Can make PC and peripheral undertake high speed corresponds. (2)LCD controller: Support high quality STN and TFT, 256 with 4096 kinds of color.
(3)SDRAM and NAND shine put controller. (4) reachs TLCS-900/H nucleus with the 16 microprocessor TLCS-900/L of Toshiba, TLCS-900/L1 completely compatible. (5)C is compiled implement effectively encode. (6) development environment supports Toshiba real time emulator 15 and 25 model controller.

This processor orders volume unit price 1000 times to be 8.95 dollars.