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Be not converter of segregation miniature DC-DC
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〖 article reprints or website of technology of electron of China of provenance 〗 ≡ ≡ network address: Blame of Www.EC66.com keeps apart miniature DC-DC converter
The blame of C&DTechnologies keeps apart DC-DC converter to be able to offer stable switch character to embedded applying, and efficiency exceeds 94 % .

Because use the 7805 3 standard industry pin that carry manostat, the space is saved in be not segregation DC-DC converter to be able to apply in built-in processing and reduce loss. - the 40 working temperature limits to 85 ℃ make this parts of an apparatus applies to industry or other embedded applying.

This converter output has 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5.0V multiple choice (output electric current all is 2A) , offer 4.75V to be inputted to the wide voltage of 28V. Buy function includes to short circuit is protected and open / remotely to close inside. Its bulk is 21 21 5mm.

NGA DC-DC converter uses the tall switch frequency of 300kHz to react in order to offer fast moment, structure of pottery and porcelain can ensure medicinal powder thermal stability. This parts of an apparatus has the low model of 100pA to wait for machine electric current to be able to reduce power comsumption only. The OEM unit price of NGA is 10 dollars.