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Reduce the musical processor of player cost
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The CS7410 music processor of Cirrus Logic can make the retail price of portable frequency player under 50 dollars.

CS7410 is the frequency of number of high-powered odd chip that can expand handles a solution, frequency of media of supportive CD-DA, MP3, Windows (of WMA) and future reduce a level. CS7410 was added for mainstream frequency products plan compress musical replay function.

CS7410 includes DSP of 16 a 32 RISC core, frequency, 18 - the ROM of digital-to-analogue converter, 256K and 80K RAM, use 100 pin LQFP or MQFP to enclose. When 10 thousand order a quantity, the CS7410 price that every MQFP encloses is 8.62 dollars.