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Controller of 2MHz switch stabilized voltage
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American country semiconductor (the output voltage of NS)LM2727 and controller of stabilized voltage of LM2737 switch type is extremely low, supportable newest FPGA, small controller and core of digital signal processor. These two new the 2MHz switch control that roll out implement can use 5 bend over to come power supply of 16 bend over, offers stabilized voltage is outputted but low to 0.6 bend over, driver of the machine top case that because this can be need,2A backs to 25A electric current, ADSL and wired modem, hard disk and large LCD offer synchronous voltage changeover, suit to offer run-of-mill step-down to change a function for wired power supply system most.
Its are main functional characteristic is as follows:

The in-house belt of ● 0.6V is unoccupied place, make the system can use 85% inputs tension (Vin) is offerred low the output voltage to 0.6V.

● switch frequency comes by 50kHz 2MHz, make the client can design a system by need.

● synchronism changes a function to be able to be in low occupy sky comparing to spend or the changeover efficiency that is as high as 95% is developed below the operation circumstance of low output voltage.

LM2727 and controller of LM27237 switch stabilized voltage use TSSOP-14 to enclose, 1000 unit price that order a quantity are 1.25 dollars.