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American country semiconductor is sent and receive for aether net implement add
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〖 article reprints or website of technology of electron of China of provenance 〗 ≡ ≡ network address: Semiconductor of country of United States of Www.EC66.com is sent and receive for aether net implement add many innovation function

Net of aether of PHYTER series 10/100 is sent and receive implement the facility that can need to connect a line for new generation provides real time operation, operation and other innovation functions leave in extreme temperature environment

On September 26, 2005- - Chinese dispatch- - company of semiconductor of country of United States of supplier of interface of famous high speed (stock exchange of new York of United States of National Semiconductor Corporation) (appears on the market code name: NSM) announces to roll out aether of a series of layer of PHYTER® 10/100 physics that are aimed at special applying technically the net is sent and receive implement chip. Of pioneer of industry of this company this series brand-new PHYTER aether net is sent and receive implement the applied environment that applies to commerce, industry and extreme, can satisfy embedded the system designs an engineer all sorts of diverse individual demands, ensure they can develop the product that can support a network to contact.

Vice president of department of product of Freescale Semiconductor small controller holds general manager Mike McCourt concurrently to express: " the chip product that PHYTER is a series of function all ready, not only function is reliable and outstanding, durable, and more obtain American country semiconductor to provide consistent service support for its. As a result of PHYTER series chip not only height is reliable, and have the capacity that runs each other to connect, because this Freescale can use this series chip,the 68K/ColdFire™ for us and PowerQUICC™ evaluate circuit board to add the network with stable and reliable, outstanding performance to contact a function. " Jeff Waters of inspector general of department of product of interface of American country semiconductor expresses: " new the aether net application of one billow is very wide, because although place body is brand-new,increasing client hopes to reach distinctive environment, can maintain connection with someone else and electronic equipment, accordingly these new application can satisfy these their new requirements particularly. The PHYTER series chip of American country semiconductor can be chip of layer of aether net physics to add the innovation function that is aimed at special applying technically, ensure compositive business can be the system think to cannot undertake the product adds communication function connecting the electron of the line all along, satisfy Xin Yibo's requirement. "

Model is used for the PHYTER business of DP83848C send and receive implement can offer the solution of high grade network with a stable and reliable, low cost for systematic development business, let them can think things of domestic electrical appliance adds the function that connect a line. The DP83848C chip of American country semiconductor besides have accord with standard of IEEE 802.3u technology, UNH to run each other to understand the good point such as attestation, Auto-MDIX and the cable connection that are as long as 137 meters besides, still set a variety of conduce to save the function of systematic cost, this is the market go up place of product of chip of other physics layer does not have. For example, DP83848C chip can offer the clock output of 25MHz, because this system need not add media to access control additionally (MAC) clock circuit, conduce saves circuit board board face space and cost. The expenditure conversion that is like place of this two fields to save can save cost for every port, conversion result shows every port can save the cost that is as high as 0.75 dollars. If be about to inquire the data of concerned DP83848C chip or formalities of the sample that order further, can ascend Http://www.national.com/pf/DP/DP83848C.html to browse.
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