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Fast asynchronous SRAM
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Saipulasi semiconductor (Cypress Semiconductor) product of series of fast asynchronous SRAM basically faces high-powered 16Mb wireless base facilities and wide area newwork (WAN) application, wait like ADSL modem, DSP and optical network interface.

This series SRAM uses engineering technology of 0.15 micron, RAM7 to make, its speed amounts to 8ns. Among them CY7C1061AV (1Mx16) with CY7C1069AV (2Mx8) the TSOP II that product of two kinds of type uses 54 pin or the essence of 48 feet are apart from ball bar array (FBGA) enclose. The configuration of CY7C1062AV is 512Kbx32, use 119 bases array of plastic ball bar (PBGA) enclose.

Each 16Mb parts of an apparatus includes series of fast asynchronous SRAM X16 and X32 are configured two kinds, voltage is 3.3V. 1000 unit price that order a quantity 35 dollars.