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The new application of magnetism technology and look into
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Tu Yanlin

As a result of magnetic material park the action of field of some kind of electromagnetism falls, will produce such as: Heat of magnetism light, magnetism, magnetism is absorbed, flexibility of magnetism chemistry, magnetism, magnetism sends biology of adjustable, magnetism to wait for a variety of physics effect and information to change a function. People can use these differring " effect " and " function " changeover character is made piece yuan of parts of an apparatus that has all sorts of special purpose, in order to satisfy different need. It already was in electron, electric power, information, the sources of energy, traffic, new material, biology, ocean and dimensional technique receive wide application. In last few years the crop of magnetic material and sale have bigger growth. Report according to concerning a material and forecast, crop of body of world permanent magnet oxygen was 450 thousand tons 1999, soft magnetism ferrite is 220 thousand tons, NaFeB permanent magnetism is ten thousand four hundred tons, was respectively 2000: 600 thousand tons, 300 thousand tons, 1  260 thousand tons. Predict to will achieve 10 million tons respectively 2005, 500 thousand tons, 1  86 tons. The head in 21 centuries 5 years, the crop of world magnetic material will with 15 % year average growth rate develops.

The applied field with the 2 a few magnetism new technologies that are worth people to pay close attention to closely (1) the application in concealed body technology

Concealed body technology is one kind can explore character through reducing aero report, smooth, heat, make air defence sensor cannot the integrated technology of inchoate discovery. The enginery of technology of use concealed body, say call concealed body weapon.

"Concealed body " it is to use certain and magnetic material to be in next high frequency having the frequency of very big loss and magnetism conductance comes loose character will absorb, attenuation or screen electromagnetic wave, in order to achieve not by hostile exploration discovery " concealed body " purpose. Concealed body technology is the vanquish the enemy in modern war " secret weapon " , it is high classified new and high technology. A lot of countries dial secret of a huge sum of money to develop, get applied actually in the war.

1) " concealed body plane " : The firm body aircraft that already used according to the report or using has: F117 - A, B2, B1 - B, TR - 1, YF - 22A, YF - the type such as 23A. In thalassic war, the United States used advanced F117 - battleplan of A concealed body: Type wing is swept past after using, the ala is exhibited for 12.99m, pilot 19.81m, tall 4  9m, carry bomb of control and guide of laser of 2 heavy 907kg, airframe makes much horn polyhedron by special material, submit elliptical minaret form. The area that its radar search intercepts and capture (RCS) have 0.02m2 only, it was used integratedly contemporary technology expects with a variety of concealed figures, contain the system dogs outside Yuan Gong, can fly in nightly 50m low altitude, speek of a ship or plane can amount to subsonic speed.
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