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Become a few issues that the design should consider
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Our company basically becomes development to other manufacturer, some closer year will also make many items, talk about experience lesson now, say badly to ask to give advice or comments more:

1, when receiving an item, the other side has the demand of specific design, however, sometimes the client is not very clear to his requirement, perhaps do not know to come true whether easily, this needs us to communicate in detail with the client. This job must go by him engineer, after be opposite otherwise, the design can bring an issue. If come up against client midway,put forward new requirement to be met must revise a design to want to redesign even. This is the thing that we are willing to come up against least of all. Accordingly would rather some more floriferous time is done " demand is analysed " .

2, according to client type, can divide it is two kinds, one kind is type of production, another kind is a hairstyle (equipment of for private use) , to type of production, very tall to cost control requirement, equipment of for private use basically asks function, because this wants a consideration,this differentia undertakes designing. Of course, design a requirement to what put forward, must forestall a demand exorbitant, because this meeting raises design and manufacturing cost greatly.

3, when choosing plan, if design time is enough, can consider to use new technology and new chip more, however, my opinion still does not use a lot of new chip at a draught, especially to project of type of production, such doing bring cannot estimate an element mostly, dominate design and development plan hard. The principle is to use familiar technology as far as possible. If be,open hairstyle of course, differred again, it is to want to use new technology as far as possible for my individual viewpoint, in order to improve performance, also lay in to make a technology later, in developing a panel, nevertheless we also have what hold different opinion with me.

4, a few port should leave when the design, do not want to exhaust resource entirely, otherwise expansibility is very poor, after going against, revise, unless the product finalized the design basically already. Important parameter should have circuit certain adjustment space, imitate circuit should consider the tolerance of discrete element, want to do corresponding tolerance design, the attention reduces the segment that debugs in production.

5, should study all relevant data to be clear about before the design, do not be eager to design, wiring, process designing. The data that should use also should get ready ahead of schedule.

6, to product of type of production, manufacturing convenience and relevant issue should consider when wiring, want to understand the manufacturing process of the other side, be to stick piece? Wave crest solder? Etc, they also are different to the design requirement of PCB. Relevant parts of an apparatus should understand his the price, supply a case, want to choose the component that purchases easily, also want to learn to design circuit according to different price. If the condition allows, after the product is finished, the opinion that workshop worker produces below much understanding wants in trial production phase, this can find out design flaw not only, cannot acquire the thing that does not have in a lot of classroom in order to let you.
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