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New progress of IGBT research and development
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IGBT (insulation bar ambipolar transistor) as new-style electric power semiconductor field accuses to pass parts of an apparatus or appliance oneself, the high speed function of market power MOSFET and bipolar the low resistance of parts of an apparatus at an organic whole, have an input impedance is tall, voltage control power comsumption is low, control circuit is simple, be able to bear or endure high pressure, bear electric current is big wait for character, extremely wide application is won in all sorts of power shift. Meanwhile, the tall compression that manufacturer of each most conductor develops IGBT ceaselessly, big electric current, high speed, low saturation is pressed fall, technology of high reliable, low cost, basically use 1 u M to make technology below, development development gains a few new headway.
1, low power IGBT
IGBT application limits is in commonly area of above of 600V, 1KA, 1KHz, to satisfy the development requirement of home appliance industry, the company such as semiconductor of Motolora, ST, 3 water chestnut rolls out product of low power IGBT, practical the application that waits for a product at commutator of kitchen of the microwave oven of home appliance industry, washing machine, electromagnetism, electron, camera.
U (groove structure)- - TGBT is to be in charge of on core quarter chamfer, chip yuan afterbirth interior forms groove type grid. After using raceway groove structure, can narrow further yuan of afterbirth dimension, reduce raceway groove resistance, increase current density, produce identical and rated electricity and the product with chip least dimension. Have much home company to produce all sorts of U, IGBT product, drive of applicable low voltage, surface sticks the requirement of outfit.
NPT (blame is traditional)- - IGBT uses technology of small silicon chip, the thick layer tall block that replaces high complex, high cost with ionic infuse emissive area is denotative, can reduce manufacturing cost 25% the left and right sides, higher cost difference jumps over compression big, have distinguishing feature more on function, high speed, small loss, temperature coefficient, decide effect without the lock, designing 600, when the IGBT of 1200V, NPT, IGBT dependability is highest. Door subsidiary can offer product of series of 600V, 1200V, 1700V and IGBT of 6500V high pressure on the west, roll out low saturation to press fall DLC NPT, IGBT, the company such as Yikesaisi, Harris, Yingtexier, Toshiba also develops a NPT in succession, IGBT and its module series, fuji electric machinery, Motolora in development, NPT becoming IGBT to develop way.
4, SDB- - IGBT
In view of at present manufacturer takes the development of IGBT seriously very much, samSung, quick wait for a company to use SDB (silicon chip is direct bond) technology, IGBT of the 4th acting high speed and module series product are made on IC product line, the characteristic is high speed, low saturation is pressed fall, small electric current pulling end, temperature coefficient easily shunt-wound, in 600V and function of 1200V voltage limits admirable, cent is UF, RUF two old systems.
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