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How can imitate technology and digital technology just close 2 for one
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How can imitate technology and digital technology just close 2 for one, be still digital technology replaces imitate technique?

As the word of general application, can distinguish really imitate and digital system. But in most advanced domain, you distinguish very hard their. For instance, circuit of high speed number board the apply copper impedance that wants a consideration and signal reflex problem. What the processing with the moire to power source circuit of tall enlarge multiple and the screen that the outside disturbs use is imitate theory. Occasionally, circuit principle makes sense, but be tone,do not come out, be about to analyse a problem from the angle of imitate electron technology. Bedding face accumulates apply copper, a bit ground connection these measure can be to use those who go up in bravery machine in those days! If you have the word that simulative foundation is learning a number, meeting of get twice the result with half the effort! And conversely criterion very it's hard to say. As a whole, everybody holds concurrently not who. After all imitate quantity is the most general natural measurement, after all the processing of digital signal wants agile and quick! If you are ace, persuade you do not say turkey to one and bazzard to another, the walking on two legs should skip than thin leg many fast! Two euqally long legs can run!

Imitate (successive) signal is nature is the most general, natural imitate signal changes A/D to be changed into digital signal through the quantity only, facilitating number is handled, a lot of accession, digital signal still must change D/A to be changed into imitate signal continuously, be united in wedlock with nature.

This shows: Imitate technology is lasting (because nature is lasting) , digital technology just expanded to treat range relatively. Do not think digital product (just digital technology is some more) much, think imitate technology was about to disappear.

Rather, as a result of imitate technology difficulty outclass number technology, its develop nature to be nodded slow. Everybody knows to to imitate technology only a few big companies of American outshine the rest, and digital technology Japan, europe, korea, taiwan good.

The old trouble of many Chinese people likes the tendency, like an extreme, like to drive tide, like to be fooled and go up, like turn from side to side. Bit soberer, developing digital technology while, should value the progress of imitate technology more.