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Talk about an electron to make with abecedarian
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You had played electronic game machine certainly; Had used flashlight. If let you make these report with one's own hands at work, you can feel very excited certainly, very interesting. Actually you should spend on a few yuan of money only, buy component of a few electrons, the effort that can pass oneself creates the electronic work that gives his inside a few hours. Through a small report at the product make, proved your wisdom not only. Your ability. And make your gains very big, fun is boundless.

The knowledge that you may worry about report whether too mystery, the process that make whether too complex. Pretty good really, electric technology develops very quickly: Full of beautiful things in eyes of new-style electric home appliances
Choose an electron to make circuit

All sorts of electrons have a lot of interesting circuit in books and periodicals, if take,flash, of phonic noise, have an action etc. So how should you choose these circuit? Should browse above all deliver a letter and the catalog of the magazine, locate the interested target that make, next according to your current condition (basically be yuan of parts of an apparatus that can find) and the electronic circuit that oneself capacity will come to decide to want to make. Be opposite commonly for scholar of pliable but strong, should be first easy hind difficult, successive.

If your culture level is not high, it is electricity of first time contact, can choose a few structures first the simple circuit with less amount of onefold, component. Be like " musical doorbell " wait for circuit. Accumulated certain knowledge when you, had experience, can undertake resembling. Radio " ' the number is controlled " wait for circuit respect make. It is OK to be made interestingly for you amuse oneself is admired, can encourage you to continue hard to undertake the electron is made again.

Understand circuit plan

After choosing made specific circuit, young bright the content that reads character and figure. Want to study circuit seriously, strive for understand concerned circuit plan, want to understand somewhat to the action of each component especially. Deceptive of abecedarian volume move is the meaning of the symbol on circuit graph, because this wants to check a data to make clear Hunan repeatedly, be opposite especially the element that has polarity, want to be looked up and down repeatedly, remember its polarity earmark and appearance characteristic. For instance glow diode has losing polarity, outfit turned over won't shine. You can adopt the different form that observes the core inside 2 newspapers canal counterpoises twice, will discern its polarity: The similar triangle one aspect of the matter with small figure is positive electrode, the one aspect of the matter of big similar triangle is negative pole. If your stuffing discerns correctly,have the electronic element of polarity, like dynatron, electroanalysis capacitance, integrated circuit is waited a moment. Then you also mastered one of electronic technology basic technical ability.
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